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Accept Digital Tips into your Personal Bank Account. Connect with your tip-givers.

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We've perfected the art of getting you more tips.

You depend on the tips you get. We've designed the perfect solution to connect with tippers and make you more tips.

Accept Tips Anytime

Tippers don't have to tip at the same time as paying for the service. Let them tip you whenever they want. Before, during or after you provide them great service.

Connect with Tippers

Tipping is a social interaction. Your Bepo profile lets you share your story and stay connected to encourage future tips.

Cashless Tipping

People dont carry cash anymore. Tippers can pay with Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Credit Cards and more without downloading an app!

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We'll send you a free QR Code Tipping Kit; a bookmark, stickers or card format to make your QR Code visible to your tippers.

With Security Baked In

Payments are handled by

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How it works for you...


Create your Bepo Profile

Create your Bepo profile to begin accepting tips.


Get Tips

Share your QR code with your tippers to receive tips. Pay tips out to your personal bank account.


Engage with Tippers

Use your bio and saving goals to connect with tippers to encourage repeat tips.

...and your tipper.


They scan your code

No app needed. Tippers scan your code to open your Bepo Profile.


They Tip & Rate

They choose their favorite payment method (Paypal, Apple Pay, Venmo, Card, etc.) to tip you & rate the experience.


They follow you

Tippers follow you (if you allow) to stay connected and receive promotional and marketing messages from you.

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Your Dashboard

Your personal dashboard keeps you in the know.

Track Everything

Know how much you've been tipped, schedule payouts, share tips with co-workers, track your ratings & followers.

Engage Tippers

Get feedback from your tippers and connect with them through your profile and savings goals.

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